The flexibility and personal contact of freelancers.
The capacity and quality control of an agency.

The Chameleon Language Collective

We have a unique concept in the language services industry and it works!

Grouping six seasoned English‐language experts, our collective provides the best of two worlds:


As freelancers, we ensure tailored service, quick response and personalized business relationships.


But we also have the strength that comes with numbers. As a stable, tight-knit collective, we can turn around larger volumes, meet tighter deadlines and still produce consistent quality.

We can’t wait to tell you more about it.

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You benefit from our pooled expertise.

Capacity and specialization

The Chameleon Language Collective can deliver expert work in a wide range of fields.

Peace of mind

With six members to answer email and assure production, you won’t be left out to dry.

What we do


Who we are

The nitty gritty

Our working process

This step-by-step explanation will give you an idea of how we work and what to expect.

Our rates

Take a look at our fee schedule for a ballpark estimate. Contact us for a personalized quotation!


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