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The flexibility and personal contact of freelancers
The capacity and quality control of an agency


Op⋅to⋅ki⋅ne⋅tic (adj.): relating to the movement of the eyes

Each of our translations is revised by another Chameleon whose fresh perspective is the most reliable insurance against typos and other errors. You could say that we have eyes all around our collective head.

Chro⋅ma⋅to⋅pho⋅ric (adj.): adaptable, versatile, capable of changing colours

Chameleon’s fluid configuration adapts to the particularities of each project. Like an agency, we can take on recurring, high-volume projects while leveraging the whole collective’s wide-ranging expertise. But like freelancers, we cultivate direct relationships with our clients.

Prehensile (adj.): gifted with mental grasp and aesthetic perception

With five members to answer email and assure production, you won’t be left out to dry when your translator takes a vacation or is busy on another job. Let us do what we do best—provide exceptional, culturally adapted English and French copy—so your team is free to do what it does best.

What we do

Who we are

The Collective

We came together as the Chameleon Language Collective in 2015 to pool our extensive experience and combine the fluidity of freelancing with strength in numbers. Each cherry-picked member has proven herself to be trustworthy and, above all, talented. We now form a cohesive and cordial group, based on enjoyable and effective collaboration.

The Chameleons

University-trained in language services and recognized in the field, our five members are professionals with diverse backgrounds and an average of 12 years of experience.

How we work

Our Work Process

This step-by-step explanation will give you an idea of how we work and what to expect.

Our Rates

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