Anita Morf

Specializations: Environment, organic and conventional agriculture, transportation, health and safety, traditional herbalism, tourism

In a nutshell: Born in Quebec to parents of Swiss descent, Anita received her primary education in French before switching over to the English school system. Fluent in Swiss German, French and English from a young age and learning the basics of Spanish in college and university, Anita logically chose a career in languages. Over the last 14 years as a freelance translator, Anita has translated speeches for the former mayor of Montréal, and texts for the governments of Quebec and Canada, and for a wide variety of businesses and individuals. She enjoys giving businesses a means of entering the English-speaking market and being a partner in their growth and success.

Where you’ll find her when she’s not at her computer: Reading everything she can get her hands on, enjoying a good debate, studying human and animal behaviour or sipping a coffee on her deck with her two dogs at her feet

Education: a BA in translation from Concordia University (Montréal)